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Registration and Electoral Office (REO) should make special arrangements for a special case



From now until April the REO will issue inquiry letters to about 90 000 voters asking them to confirm or update their registered addresses before May 2, or else they will lose their right as voters if they do not reply. We are very worried that this course of action will lead many voters to lose their voting rights.

The REO did not account for the fact that it is now a critical period for the postal service and still inflexibly sent out a large amount of inquiry letters. At the meanwhile, the HKSAR government has announced the suspension of many border crossings that many Hong Kong residents outside Hong Kong do not know what time they can come back and receive the letters in time. We consider that all the government departments, including the REO, should appeal to the public to stay at home.

Therefore, we urge the REO to:

1) delay sending out the letters and also push back the deadline for reply from voters

2) provide alternate ways to message voters to confirm their status as voters during this time.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Horace Cheung 9681 8757


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