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Home Support Supplies Delivery Service needs more short-term assistants

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Mar 13, 2022

Vincent Cheng (right) participated in an activity promoting vaccination

The Home Affairs Department launched the Home Support Supplies Delivery Service yesterday (Mar 12) to support persons pending admission to hospitals or community isolation facilities by delivering basic daily necessities and food directly, eliminating referral to the Social Welfare Department. Vincent Cheng, Chairman of the Panel on Home Affairs of the Legislative Council, commented that it is a positive response to his previous proposals including rationalizing the delivery procedure, strengthening the role of the Home Affairs Department in the distribution of supplies and hiring more short-term assistants.

Having participated in the delivery work of anti-epidemic supplies from the Central Authorities, Vincent Cheng suggested that the Home Affairs Bureau or Home Affairs Department should set up command centre to coordinate and engage district network for the delivery of anti-epidemic supplies to families in need, with the help of short-term assistants and volunteers. It can also assist the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in delivery of anti-epidemic kits, with assistance from district organisations.

Vincent Cheng learned that the authority is going to engage logistics companies and organisations assisting the delivery of anti-epidemic kits. He suggested the Innovation and Technology Bureau could strengthen cooperation with the Home Affairs Bureau, with the latter providing support. As the epidemic was still at its peak, the authorities should provide adequate protective supplies to the delivery team members.

Media contact:

Vincent Cheng 6373 1979 (Legislative Council member – Kowloon West)


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