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Our response to the supportive measures announced by the MTRC



On February 20th, the MTRC announced that this year they will freeze fares on all lines and exempt two month’s rent for all tenants in MTRC shopping centres and MTR stations. DAB Legislative Councillor Ben Chan welcomes these supportive measures.

He mentioned that on the commission day (Feb 14) of the Tuen Ma Line, they had made similar requests to high-ranking MTRC staff that the MTRC should perform its social responsibility, freeze faires and reduce rental to get through this difficult time together with the general public. These proposals are proactively followed through by the MTRC and we hope the MTRC will continue to provide more incentives such as reducing fares to help everyone get through this difficult period of time.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Ben Chan (9274 7035)


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