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Our response to the latest arrangements regarding the resumption of classes and examinations



The Education Bureau (EDB) announced that the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) would be held as scheduled on March 27th while the Chinese oral exam will be deferred to May.  The exam results release day will be postponed to July 15th.  Anti-epidemic measures will be carried out in exam centres. These include daily disinfection, increasing space between seats, and candidates have to measure their body temperature and wear a mask before entering the centres.

We understand and agree with the decisions the EDB and the HKEAA made to minimize the impact on candidates.  We urge mainland candidates taking the exams to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible to undergo the 14-day quarantine in due time. If they show signs of fever or infection, they should not be allowed to take the exam.  The HKEAA should keep updating the information of this batch of mainland candidates and consider arranging them to designated examination venues in order to minimize the risk of infection. Meanwhile, the HKEAA should offer appropriate assistance to candidates stranded in Hubei or Wuhan should they wish to return to Hong Kong to take the exam.

To respond to the worries of many parents that their children’s proactive studying habits and progress will suffer during the long break from classes, we urge the EDB to provide technical support or share experience to schools in need to help them quickly set up electronic platforms for teaching and providing exercises, so as to “suspend classes without suspend learning”. Kindergartens and primary schools should provide adequate staffing to take care of children who need to go back to school to ease the burden on their working parents.

Due to the delay in the resumption of classes, private education institutes such as tutorial centers and other after-school learning classes will be adversely affected even further. We urge the government to relieve their financial pressure by including these education institutes in the list eligible for the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund.


Media Inquiries:

DAB Legislative Councilor Horace Cheung (9681-8757)

Vincent Cheng (6373-1979)


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