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Our Heart of Dedication to Serve will not change. The DAB held a “Hong Kong Service Day”

January 12th, 2020


On January 12th, the DAB held a “Hong Kong Service Day” soon after the beginning of 2020.  We set up booths in all 18 districts to introduce our work and service.  The activity showed that our heart of dedication to serve will not change, and our District Councillors and Officers will continue to contribute to our communities and provide services to the general public.

Even though we lost seats in the District Council election, we will not cut back our services and instead we will even strive to do better.  We are going to add branch offices in 18 districts, answer enquiries, handle complaints, provide assistance and organise various activities.  Through many years of hard work, we established highly motivated and dedicated volunteer teams in each district.  We will continue to develop our volunteer teams to serve the needs of local residents.

In the new term of the District Council, the DAB becomes the minority.  We have already set up “District Councils Observers” to monitor the work of the councils.  If the opposition ignores the public interest and harms the communities, we will certainly voice out for the public.  The DAB will also monitor the work of the government through the Legco to ensure its governance responds to the needs and hopes of the people.

More importantly, the DAB will continue to promote our ideal of loving our nation and loving Hong Kong, unite and develop the power of people who love our nation and Hong Kong, promote social harmony and protect One Country, Two Systems and the rule of law, in order to help Hong Kong break out of its rut of violence and chaos.


Media Inquiries: Starry LEE, DAB Chairperson 7770 0820


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