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More publicity needed on anti-gambling addiction

August 17, 2022

The DAB Family Affairs Committee visited the TWGHs Even Centre to shed light on the importance of anti-gambling services and counselling and treatment for gamblers.

The DAB Family Affairs Committee chairperson Frankie Ngan briefly introduced Committee’s past work on anti-gambling, including regular surveys, and meetings with representatives from the Ping Wo Fund and the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau to propose enhancement on anti-gambling addiction to curb the problem of youth gambling.

This year's World Cup is scheduled in November and gambling-related problems may still be prevalent this year. We urged subverted organizations to publicize more on no gambling addiction. We also recommended the Jockey Club to include warnings with deterrent effect in its betting branches and websites, and add a service for gambler to set their investment cap.


DAB Family Affairs Committee Chairperson Frankie Ngan 6600 2511


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