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Lead in new thoughts in governance, stride forward for development, ignite hope

October 19, 2022

The DAB believed that the Chief Executive's new Policy Address embodied the essence of the work on Hong Kong and Macau discussed in the 20th CPC National Congress and revealed the spirit of President Xi Jinping's speech on July 1. The Policy Address also incorporated many of DAB’s proposals which would better help implement “One Country, Two Systems” and "patriots administering Hong Kong", resolve deep rooted social contradictions and deal with complicated international trend, inject impetus to Hong Kong's governance. Overall, the DAB welcomed and acknowledged the Policy Address.

In respect of enhancing effectiveness of governance, the Chief Executive in his Policy Address attached importance to the promotion and education of the Constitution and the Basic Law, as well as improving the requirements for civil servants, including setting up KPIs in various departments, enhancing civil servant training and strengthening the reward and punishment system. In respect of creating strong impetus for growth, the Policy Address considred the impact of the epidemic and international influences on Hong Kong and placed emphasis on injecting impetus into the economy, integrating into national development and attracting talents. In respect of earnestly addressing people's concerns and difficulties in daily life, the Chief Executive put forward many proposals in terms of land supply and housing, such as increasing land and housing supply, capping the waiting time for public rental housing and setting a minimum size, as well as a number of recommendations on transportation infrastructure. In respect of striving for stability, the Policy Address ignited people’s hope by proposing new measures in the areas of healthcare, poverty alleviation, caring for the elderly and vulnerable groups and environmental hygiene.

The DAB urged all sectors of the society to continue to support the government’s governance, and would continue to assist and monitor the government in implementing the measures previously announced and in this Policy Address. We will continue to propose policy initiatives on improving the government’s governance to ensure Hong Kong to achieve greater prosperity under the steadfast and successful implementation of One Country, Two Systems.

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DAB Chairperson Ms. Starry Lee (9457 9853)


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