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Lau Kwok-fan urged Housing Authority to revalue shopping mall rents and lower rents

April 9, 2024

LegCo member Lau Kwok-fan, together with tenant representatives from shopping malls and markets in housing estates in North District and Tin Shui Wai, met with the Assistant Director of Housing and the Chief Property Surveyor to express their opinions on rent matters.

LegCo member Lau Kwok-fan urged the Housing Authority to revalue rents to help merchants tide over the difficulties. The Housing Department responded that it would strengthen promotion of shopping malls and markets and will revalue rents when the contracts would be renewed.


LegCo member Lau Kwok-fan said: "High construction costs and rents made business environment difficult and hindered Hong Kong's overall competitiveness. I urge the government to lower construction costs and reduce rents, and ask the business to follow suit, in order allow merchants’  competitiveness and improve Hong Kong’s overall business environment.

Media contact: LegCo member Lau Kwok-fan  9782 7408


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