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Initiatives on Understanding National Development, Shaping a positive Narrative of the country & HK

September 30, 2022

DAB LegCo members Chan Yung, Lillian Kwok, Rock Chen, and Deputy secretary-general Chris Ip released the initiatives of "Understanding National Development, Shaping a positive Narrative of the country and Hong Kong" in a press conference this morning. They hope to share the latest and true respects of the country and Hong Kong to the world through the promotion to the society of better understanding the national development and to shape a positive narrative of the country and of Hong Kong.

The initiatives are divided into two parts with a total of six chapters, which are summarized as follows:

Part 1

  1. Strengthen the promotion of Chinese culture

  2. Improve national education and enhance students’ national identity

  3. Better utilise local historical resources to promote patriotism

  4. Make optimal use of various forms of media to help citizens understand national affairs

Part 2

  1. Give full play to Hong Kong's distinctive advantages and turn Hong Kong into a platform for international exchanges

  2. Speak for the country and Hong Kong on the international stage

Media enquiries:

HK deputy to National People's Congress, LegCo member Chan Yung (9668 6095)

DAB Education Spokesperson, LegCo Member Lillian Kwok (5541 8128)

DAB Education Deputy Spokesperson, LegCo Member Rock Chen (5398 3885)


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