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Holden CHOW condemns district councillor for providing selective services in discriminating manner



Tung Chung District Councillor WONG Chun Yeung released a statement on social media saying that he will “refuse service” to any local resident who supports enacting Article 23.  DAB Legislative Councillor Holden CHOW strongly condemned that Wong’s “my way or the highway” attitude and political-oriented discriminatory conduct was despicable and poured scorn on his role as a public servant.  He demands WONG to immediately retract his speech and apologize to the people of Tung Chung.

Not long ago some district councillors who putting up notice saying “No ‘blue ribbons’ and dogs allowed” on their office doors also aroused hatred and bigotry.  This triggered a series of discriminatory “pick and choose” actions where some district councillors followed suits.  Holden CHOW condemns the opposition camp spreading hatred which deeply harm Hong Kong society.  Holden calls on Hong Kong people to condemn these bigoted acts and stop the spread of hatred.

Holden also demands the opposition camp including the Civic Party to explain the suspected discriminatory behavior of its member LAU Ka Heng and whether they will openly shield and condone such heinous acts.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Holden Chow (3703 9870)


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