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Give assistance to Hong Kong residents stranded in India, Pakistan and Nepal



India, Pakistan, Nepal and some other countries are undergoing “lockdown” due to the coronavirus. DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee chairperson Derek HUNG and DAB Legislative Councillor Vincent CHENG met with Secretary for Security John Lee alongside family representatives hoping that the government will provide assistance to Hong Kong residents stuck in those overseas countries.

The DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee and Vincent CHENG have received more than 500 calls for assistance from Hong Kong residents stuck in those countries over the past two weeks. These calls for assistance come from pregnant mothers, chronic disease patients and a number of students who need to take the DSE. Many of them are holding HKSAR passports and traveled to those areas to visit relatives or for work-related purposes. Some of them also work in Hong Kong. They are worried that the lockdowns may be extended at any time so as to make it impossible to know when they could return to Hong Kong. We expressed their concerns with the Chief Executive recently and met with the Secretary for Security John Lee to pass along related information. We hope the government will help these Hong Kong residents come home in a safe and organized manner.

Our appeals to the government are as follows:

1) The government should help contact and provide the needs of the Hong Kong residents currently in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

2) Contact the airlines and help these HKSAR residents fly safely back to Hong Kong in a way that follows local and Hong Kong anti-coronavirus protocols.

3) Discover if chartered flights are possible and set a ticket fare that the passengers can afford.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Vincent Cheng (6373 1979)​

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