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Following up on the anti-epidemic fund’s support for construction workers



Legislative Councillors LEUNG Che-Cheung and Holden CHOW held a video conference with the Under Secretary for Development Bureau Mr. LIU Chun-San on May 6th to follow up on the anti-epidemic fund’s support for construction workers.

The Development Bureau (DEVB) revealed that there are currently 82 operators taking calls from the enquiry hotline. Holden CHOW requested this number to be increased as the hotline has proven consistently difficult to get through. He also urged them to upgrade the mobile phone application system. The government should also strengthen public messaging on various issues as follows; They should explain to the general public that phase 2 of the anti-epidemic fund has already exempted the requirement for attendance reports at worksites, and notifying around 530,000 workers in the construction sector who have applied and been found eligible for the $7,500 subsidy as stated in phase 2 of the fund the application date via SMS.

LEUNG Che-Cheung said that even though phase 2 of the fund has already been expanded to cover registered workers such as plumbers and electricians, many home renovation workers are still unable to be benefited as they do not have registration arrangement. He urges the government to further expand the parameters of the fund to cover them.


Media Inquiries:

Legislative Councilor Holden Chow (3703 9870)、LEUNG Che-cheung (9016 8088)


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