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We express concern about patients waiting outside Caritas Medical Centre

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Feb 28, 2022

A large number of patients including elderly were still waiting outside the Accident & Emergency (A&E) of Caritas Medical Centre in the past two days due to the flow of patients was stymied by the shortage of ambulances or non-emergency service vehicles.

Legislative Council member (Kowloon West) Vincent Cheng requested the authority to take decisive measures, such as to increase or allocate manpower, to borrow rehabuses or vehicles adapted for use to transfer infected persons with mild symptoms to other facilities, to recruit additional staff who were formerly coach drivers. As more patients are expected to go to A&E after the Compulsory Universal Testing is launched, the authority should consider seeking assistance from the mainland if necessary, and to deploy vehicles from Shenzhen and neighboring areas to Hong Kong for assistance. He also hoped that no more elderly patients would have to wait outside the A&E after the respite service centre at Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre is put into service on March 1.

On the other hand, Vincent Cheng and the DAB Kowloon West team delivered rapid antigen test kits and protective items to property management personnel of housing estates and elderly homes in Kowloon West areas.

Media contact:

Legislative Council member (Kowloon West) Vincent Cheng 6373 1979


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