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DAB welcomed Guangdong and Shenzhen Governments' support for "reverse quarantine" measure

September 1, 2022

The Chief Executive John Lee announced that he received backing from the Guangdong and Shenzhen Governments to carry out "reverse quarantine" measure in Hong Kong, after an online meeting with the leaders. A task force would be established to formulate implementation plans.

The DAB has long advocated the said measure and welcomed John Lee’s announcement. We hoped that the measure would be put in place as soon as possible, allowing citizens in mainland and Hong Kong to make steady strides along the path to normalcy. We believed that Hong Kong’s role as gateway to Mainland would be strengthened after the implementation of the measure.

LegCo member Ben Chan reiterated that the measure could be supervised and managed with the assistance of the National Health Commission, and nucleic acid test standards should meet with the national requirements. Staff from the immigration department could help quarantined citizens to complete immigration clearance, allowing them to enter mainland directly by bus after quarantine and avoid contact with non-quarantined persons.


DAB LegCo Member Ben Chan (9274 7035)

DAB LegCo Member Edward Leung (91268390)

Assistant to DAB LegCo Member Ben Chan, Chow Lai Hei (98792411)


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