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DAB submitted Policy Initiatives for Improving Transportation Infrastructure (for the NT)

September 21, 2022

The Chief Executive, Mr. John Lee, would release the first Policy Address of the new term government soon, and the DAB and all sectors of the society were concerned about the continuity of the "Northern Metropolis Development Strategy" under the new government. DAB LegCo members Ben Chan, Edward Lau and Rock Chen submitted the Policy Initiatives for Improving Transportation Infrastructure (for the New Territories) to the Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr. Lam Sai-hung and the Under Secretary Mr. Liu Chun San and exchanged views on the said policy initiatives.

We advocated the government to set a timetable and plan for cross-district roads as soon as possible under the infrastructure-led approach, to allow districts to realise their full potentials.

At the meeting, Edward Lau explained construction ideas of the "New North-South Route" and the "Northern Express Route", Ben Chan introduced DAB’s recommendations for improving the traffic in New Territories North, including the branch roads of Route 11.

Ben Chan expressed that the government had responded positively to the DAB's policy initiatives. Their area of research and discussion were also similar. He believed that the proposed transportation infrastructure and route planning would resolve the current problems and prevent traffic congestion, giving him more confidence in the district development.

Media enquiries:

DAB LegCo Member Ben Chan (9274 7035)

DAB LegCo Member Edward Lau(9782 7408)


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