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DAB requested assistance for local SMEs in the coming Policy Address

September 14, 2022

DAB LegCo member for the Import and Export functional constituency, Kennedy Wong held an online press conference today (September 14, 2022) with the Hong Kong Chinese Importers' & Exporters' Association, urging Chief Executive to introduce measures for SMEs to overcome difficulties and provide new growth engines for Hong Kong’s economy in the coming Policy Address. They proposed over ten recommendations in three main areas that included: promote e-commerce, allow SMEs to claim a 500,000 HKD tax allowance on chargeable income generated from e-commerce, raise the funding ceiling of the Distance Business Programme to 500,000 HKD, strengthen support for SMEs to promote their business, continue to waive charges and provide tax incentives, etc.

Kennedy Wong pointed out that the government has to alleviate SMEs’ operation difficulties and he suggested to extend the application period for the Special 100% Loan Guarantee under SME Financing Guarantee Scheme.

Former LegCo member Wong Ting-kwong who also attended the press conference, emphasized that the government should attach great importance on the commercialization of Hong Kong’s technological outcomes into products, including stepping up procurement efforts, and providing tax incentives for SMEs to invest in technological research.

Media enquires:

DAB Commerce and Industry Spokesperson Kennedy Wong (3589 6648)


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