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DAB Policy Initiatives for improving transportation infrastructure (for the Northern Metropolis)

August 29, 2022

The Chief Executive announced the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy last October, putting forward plans to implement land development projects in the Northern Metropolis. Together with the future layout planning of the New Territories West announced earlier, Yuen Long Hung Shui Kiu, Tuen Mun and Lantau Island would become key development areas in Hong Kong in the future. As there were limitations on sites available for development, the DAB believed that the transport network has to increase its carrying capacity and the benefits of development while being in line with the principle of sustainable development, in addition to well planning, convenience and accessibility.

We then followed up the aforesaid situation and proposed ten recommendations in five areas, including new roads planning, new railway planning, infrastructure facilities for new development areas, and reliable and convenient transportation service for residents in the New Territories Northwest.

Build a new backbone for new development areas

  1. Build a "New North-South Route" (tentatively named Route 12) to divert traffic flow from Tolo Highway

  2. Build a "Northern Express Route" (tentatively named Route 13) to connect the east and west of the northern area

  3. Build more side roads to enhance the diversion effect of Route 11

Improve the railway network to strengthen regional connection in the New Territories

  1. Build a "Tsuen Wan-Kwai Tsing -Sha Tin Central Railway" to form a circular railway network in the central part of the New Territories

  2. Build a "New North-South Railway" to divert passengers from the East Rail Line

  3. Expand the coverage of planned railway project to better meet the needs of the future development of the Northern Metropolis

Introduce the "corridor + property development" model for infrastructure development

  1. Plan infrastructure-driven projects to build up a new town with a circular route

  2. Build park-and-ride facilities and utilize its superstructures under the "single site, multiple use" model

Leverage diversification of operations to provide transportation service for new development areas

  1. Introduce a "contract model" with government backing

Introduce a new mass transit system to match with the development of environmentally friendly and green public transport

  1. Conduct studies on efficient and environmentally friendly public transport


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