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DAB party heads elected


The DAB has elected its party heads of the new term today. LEE Wai King, Starry was elected the DAB Chairperson while CHEUNG Kwok Kwan, Horace, CHAN Yung, Brave, CHAN Hak Kan, Gary, CHOW Ho Ding, Holden and CHAN Hok Fung were elected as Vice-Chairpersons, WONG Shun Yee, Albert was elected as Secretary General and CHONG Wai Ming, Steve was elected as Treasurer. IP Ngo Tung, Chris was appointed as Deputy Secretary Generals. LO Man Tuen was elected as Chairperson of the 9th Senate.

The Party heads met the media after the meetings. Speaking at the conference, LEE Wai King, Starry said ”this leadership transition occurs during a unique time, coinciding with the Central Government’s decision to improve Hong Kong’s electoral system to begin a new era in our city. Our new leadership bears the great responsibility of leading the DAB into this new age.”

She points out that the new political landscape under this new era in Hong Kong will facilitate significant changes in the development of political parties. The DAB must evolve with the times to fully play its proper role in this new era. We believe the DAB must consistently defend our four core positions: to be resolute patriots; to be defenders of One Country, Two Systems; to be practical doers in serving Hong Kong residents, and to be active promoters of social reform.

She continued that the scope of our future work encompasses three aspects. One - promoting social reform remains our primary task. Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the DAB’s establishment. By this time, we shall update the DAB’s manifesto befitting the times. Our new manifesto will establish a clear discourse and position on social policy to urge the government to be more proactive and effective in solving various deep-rooted problems in society. We will also foster equality and justice in society to ensure all social classes can enjoy the fruits of economic prosperity.

The second aspect involves us clearly defining “participation in elections” and “participation in governmental administration” as the DAB’s two development goals. Regarding our participation in elections, the DAB will not ease up on our community work. However, at the same time, we must build more extensive and stable connections with different industries and sectors. We are committed to building partnerships with various industries and sectors to allow the DAB to represent society’s diverse interests in a comprehensive and balanced manner.

Regarding our participation in governmental administration, the DAB must establish more comprehensive policy discourse and propositions that adopt a more macro perspective and a way of thinking that is geared towards governmental administration. To this end, we shall upgrade the party’s Policy Committee to the Policy Initiative Committee to serve as the nucleus of our policy decisions. We will set up a policy advisory board and invite experienced individuals from inside and outside the party to aid the work of the Policy Initiative Committee. Meanwhile, the DAB will partner with various non-governmental think tanks to improve our policy research by tapping into the wisdom of our civilian population. The goal is to continue promoting our policy initiatives and strive for the government to adopt and implement them. Additionally, we will enhance the division of responsibilities in the councils. Some councillors will be responsible for initiating policies, while others will be responsible for district work and consolidating our community relationships.

The third aspect involves the DAB enhancing its organisational structure further. First of all, we will continue to move towards a better division of party policies to improve our development and raise the overall quality of political discussions. Next, we will establish a reserve pool of political talent by providing training and various paths for participation in politics or governmental administration. The aim is to allow all DAB members to play to their strengths and reach their full potential. Finally, we endeavour to strengthen the development of YoungDAB by providing more desirable opportunities for youngsters to participate in patriots governing Hong Kong and serve society in general.

Starry LEE concluded that the DAB will vigorously participate in governmental administration to promotes social reform and make contributions to the development of Hong Kong and One Country, Two Systems.


News contact: DAB Chairperson Starry LEE (7770-0820)


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