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Vincent Cheng in Japan: strive for quick coronavirus screening for Hong Kong people stranded abroad



DAB Legislative Councillor Vincent Cheng met with Zhan Kong-chao, Counsellor and Consul General of Chinese Embassy in Japan after arriving in Japan on February 16th. Vincent Cheng expressed the concern of the Hong Kong people stranded aboard and asked the Consul General to request the health authority of Japan to conduct quick tests on passengers from Hong Kong starting from the 16th and disembark them after the confinement period if the samples tested negative. That evening, Vincent received calls from the Hong Kong people that they have completed the tests.

In the afternoon the same day Vincent held a meeting with Thomas Wu, representative of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Tokyo and the representatives from the Immigration Department. They discussed the detailed arrangements of chartered flights, hospitalization of passengers infected with Covid-19 and the follow-up quarantine procedure in Hong Kong. Vincent is strongly concerned about the infection control of and sufficient protective equipment on the chartered flights to prevent cross-contamination of these 300-some Hong Kong people.

The quarantine procedure in Hong Kong was also a major topic of discussion during the meeting. Vincent pointed out that most of the Hong Kong people who tested negative for covid-19 wanted to undergo their quarantine period at home rather than in a government quarantine centre. Vincent hopes that the government will take an understanding view of the situation and take appropriate measures after assessing the risks.

Vincent will closely follow up the 15 confirmed covid-19 cases of Hong Kong passengers as they undergo hospital treatment in Japan. Vincent and the DAB will continue to provide assistance and urge the government to take prompt action to help the Hong Kong people stranded abroad.


Media enquiries: Vincent Cheng 6373-1979


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