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The government should accelerate the handling of bodies of deceased COVID-19 patients

Feb 28, 2022

Due to the increasing severity of the epidemic, an accumulation of dead bodies occurred at hospitals and public mortuaries. In addition, the unclear dissemination of government's information gave chance to some troublemakers to spread false information on the Internet and social platforms in an attempt to attack the government and weaken the anti-epidemic effort, causing panic amongst people. In order to properly handle the above problems, the DAB requires the government to take the following measures as soon as possible:

1) Increase refrigeration equipment to temporarily store dead patients

The government should immediately negotiate with the industry to rent refrigeration equipment to temporarily store bodies, increase the daily service volume of crematoriums and assist families in cremating dead bodies as soon as possible so as to allow the deceased’s funerals to be completed as soon as possible and to increase the turnover rate at the mortuaries.

2) Simplify statutory procedures for autopsy

The government should simplify the statutory procedures for autopsy to speed up the turnover rate at the mortuaries. The bodies should be exempted from autopsy and be collected for the funeral under the consent of family members.

3) Enhance the dissemination of information

The government should improve the dissemination of information, including strengthening cooperation with major TV stations and inserting government anti-epidemic information on various free TV channels. Key information related to COVID-19 testing, support for confirmed cases and close contacts, patient consultation, etc. should be emphasized so that the public can keep abreast of the latest information.

4) Respond aptly and combat false information

The government should take strict measures to combat false information related to the epidemic, such as strengthening law enforcement and cooperating with universities and other institutions to better verify the authenticity of news, and clarify any inaccurate information.


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