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The DAB’s Proposals for the 2022 Policy Address

September 20, 2022

The DAB met with the Chief Executive today and submitted the DAB’s proposals for the 2022 Policy Address, the theme of which was "Unite and Start Afresh. Open up and Create Prosperity". We put forward 25 recommendations in three key areas and over 130 recommendations, hoping the government would focus on three main areas in the future year: 1) moving forward along the path to normalcy; 2) attracting capital and talents; and 3) enhancing the strategic development status of the ASEAN area.

In addition to the three areas, the DAB also proposed more than 100 recommendations which are grouped under four topics.

Improve governance

The government should improve its governance. The "Chief Executive's Policy Unit" should be implemented as soon as possible and defined as a think-tank to assist the government in decision-making and conduct mid and long-term research on Hong Kong affairs.

Create strong impetus for growth

The government should create strong impetus for growth and introduce effective measures to promote the development of finance, innovation and technology, re-industrialization, digital economy, the northern metropolis, the Greater Bay Area, and integration into the national development.

Address people’s concerns and difficulties in daily life

Hong Kong people faced five long standing problems: 1) difficulties in owning property; 2) difficulties in accessing healthcare; 3) difficulties in accessing elderly and caregiver services; 4) difficulties in travelling arrangement; and 5) problems specific to the districts. The government should strive to shorten the waiting time for public rental housing to four years, study the construction of a third local medical school, set up a "caregiver allowance system" and improve taxi services.

Safeguard harmony and stability

The government should improve laws and mechanisms to achieve national security, enact the "Cyber Security Law", "Online False Information Law" and related regulations, and require serving teachers to take the "Basic Law and National Security Law" test.

Media enquiries:

DAB Chairperson Starry Lee (9457 9853)


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