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The DAB Office of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members was established

February 12, 2023

In 2022, 7 members of the DAB (Lee Wai King, Starry, Chan Yung, Wong Ying Ho, Kennedy, Chen Chung Nin, Rock, Lee Shing Put, Chu Lap Wai, Roy and Wong Bing Fan) were elected HK deputies of the NPC in the 14th National People's Congress election. Meanwhile, 9 members (Lau Kong Wah, Ray, Leung Che Cheung, Lui Kin, Clement, Wong Nancy, Sze Irons, Tsang Chi Ming, Ricky, Wong Ting Chung, Ngai Ming Tak, Michael and Zhou Chun Ling) were selected members of the 14th CPPCC. We were keenly aware of our great responsibility that we established the DAB Office of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members on February 12, 2023, to better carry out the work of the NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members and contribute to our country and better serve the Hong Kong citizens.

The purpose and responsibilities of the Office were as follows:

1. Objectives

  • Give advice and suggestions on national matters within the authority of NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members

  • Strengthen ties with all sectors of society

  • Shape a positive narrative of the national strategy and Hong Kong’s advantages

  • Implement one country, two systems on all fronts

  • Promote Hong Kong's integration into the overall national development

2. Specific work

  • Liaise with all sectors

  • Carry out policy research

  • Handle Hong Kong citizens’ inquiries and requests for help in relation to Mainland matters

3. Set up an advisory group

  • The office would invite experienced leaders in the society as well as people with legal expertise in the Mainland and Hong Kong as our advisors to help resolve problems of Hong Kong citizens.

4. Others

  • The telephone number, email, and website details of the Office are as follows. Citizens can also reflect their views through the 18 DAB district branches.

Tel: 35821100


  • The Office would regularly produce a work report of the NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members.

Media enquiries:

DAB Chairperson, NPC deputy, LegCo member Starry Lee (9457 9853)

DAB Vice-chairperson, NPC deputy, LegCo member Chan Yung (9668 6095)

CPPCC Member Leung Che Cheung (9016 8088)


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