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The DAB delegation had a fruitful visit to Macao

February 1, 2023

The DAB delegation visited Macao yesterday (Jan 31) and met with the Chief Executive Mr. Ho Iat-seng, and Chairperson of the Macao LegCo Mr. Kou Hoi-in. The delegation inspected the public housing units in Mong Ha, economic housing units in Zone A of New Urban Zone, temporary housing for urban renewal and elderly apartment display units.

Starry Lee stated that Macao had been building economic housing units to cater for the housing needs of lower-income groups. Since 2020, Macao had further advocated the principle of "keeping economic housing economic", meaning that economic housing could not be used for investment purpose, could not be transferred and could only be repurchased by the Housing Bureau at the original price. This might be a solution to solve the housing problem of youth and the marginal middle class. The DAB would follow up and conduct further research.

Holden Chow said that tourism in Macao was recovering quickly, and the streets were crowded. He believed that the HK government should make reference to Macao’s experience and launch a series of publicity campaigns to attract tourists.

Edward Lau said that Hong Kong could learn from the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, and could discuss with the Mainland Authorities to implement similar arrangements in the Northern Metropolitan Area and Qianhai Cooperation Zone.

Chan Yung said that the communication between Macao government and the Mainland Authorities has been good, which is beneficial to the implementation of policies for Macao’s development. Various departments of the HK government would need to catch up and enhance exchanges with the Mainland.

Members of the DAB delegation included Tam You Chung, Starry Lee , Lo Man Tuen, Ip Kwok Him, Chan Yung, Holden Chow, Ben Chan, Edward Lau, Vincent Cheng, Frankie Ngan, Edward Leung, Chu Lap Wai, Steven Ho, Lillian Kwok, Rock Chen, Edmund Wong and Chan Wing Kwong.


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