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The Chief Executive promotes the “Way of Governance” course


Following the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Central Government has further improved the electoral system of Hong Kong to fully and faithfully enforce the principle of "patriots governing Hong Kong" and provide a sound guarantee for the steadfast and successful implementation of "one country, two systems". The DAB believes that talents in governance are the key to create conditions for enhancing the HKSAR governance, developing the economy and improving people's livelihood. Therefore, the course “Way of Governance” (the course) organized and announced on Mar 15, 2021 will aim at nurturing more talents in governance. We expect that those who have the ability and aspiration of participating in government and serving Hong Kong will be better prepared through studying the course and are able to realise their aspirations by participating in the governance of Hong Kong in different ways.

DAB Chairperson Starry LEE recently had a chat with the Chief Executive Carrie LAM on the idea of the course. Mrs. LAM praised the DAB for taking the lead in nurturing more talented people with philosophy of governance for Hong Kong. She believes that these talents should not be confined only to the legislature and hopes the DAB can share these talents with the government. “These talents can also take part in executive as both the executive and legislature are part of the political system of the HKSAR”, said Mrs. LAM.

Mrs. LAM said that the “Way” (hanzi "Tao") lodged within the name of the course was very important, since it means the cultivation of philosophy in governance. She said that knowledge and skills in governance and familiarity with the operation of government are not more important than the learning of philosophy: what kind of philosophy is needed to govern Hong Kong? She hopes that the course will help nurture more people with a philosophy of governance in Hong Kong, as both the content and speakers of the course are of great weight.

The speakers for the course were a strong one, including senior academics, experts and officials from the Mainland and Hong Kong. During the interview, Starry LEE also took the initiative to invite Carrie LAM to be a keynote speaker to share her 40 years’ experience in public service and governance of Hong Kong, which Mrs. LAM said she would be happy to do.


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