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Statement of pro-establishment Legislative Councillors



We strongly condemn Dennis KWOK for abusing of power

We strongly condemn the Civic party’s Dennis KWOK for abusing of power and prolonging the proceedings when he chaired the Legislative Council House Committee (the Committee) of year 2019-2020. Since last October, the Committee has met 14 times but is still unable to elect a Chairperson. This severely hampers the operation of the Committee, affects the LegCo to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities as set out in the Basic Law and damage the functioning of Hong Kong society. We urge the Chair of the LegCo and the Committee Chairperson of the year 2018-2019 to deal with the difficult situation.

Dennis KWOK as chairperson deviated significantly from the chairperson election procedure stated in Appendix IV of the House Rules for LegCo and abused his power as the chair. He allowed various irrelevant issues to delay and derail the selection of a chairperson and thereby accomplished his political goal of paralyzing the Committee. This shutdown of the Committee has resulted in failing to set up committees to consider 14 bills and sub-committees to follow up 80 subsidiary legislations. What is more infuriating is that many subsidiary legislations to do with quarantine and prohibition of group gatherings are most probably not going to be considered in LegCo.

The shutdown of the Committee has also put the selection of the next Chief Justice in jeopardy which is a grave threat to the legal stability and judicial system of Hong Kong. This is akin to “total annihilation” in legislative and judicial form which can only bring grave harm to the people and society of Hong Kong.

We urge the government to follow up the issue of Tanya CHAN’s breaching the law in relation to group gatherings

Different sectors of society should will themselves to enforce and follow prohibition of group gatherings and social distancing during this critical moment of preventing the spread of COVID-19 outbreak to relieve the burden on the medical system. However, Tanya CHAN of the Civic Party met at a bar with over 40 people and was suspected to contravene the “Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation” (“the prohibition on group gathering”). The bar may also violate the “Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation”. Tanya even argued that she was “performing her duties as a Legislative Councillor” but there is no such exemption for councillors to hold gatherings outside LegCo. According to media reports, a local resident said that though the bar was half-shuttered, it was still open for business. But Tanya said the bar was not open for business. Was she lying? She needs to tell the truth to the public.

We must point out that the spirit of “the prohibition on group gathering” is to stop groups from spreading the virus faster. Many cases have shown that bars are high-risk for the spread of COVID-19. Society feels that Tanya’s meeting with 40 people in such a high-risk place at this time is a dangerous and thoughtless act that epitomizes their attitude of “total annihilation” and increasing the danger of COVID-19 being spread. How does she plan to face the hard-working frontline medical staff? Tanya’s denial of her wrongdoing and bad excuses will give a misleading impression that Legislative Councillors have special provisions to ignore regulations and law. It adversely affects our efforts to fight the virus. We strongly condemn the behavior and excuses of Tanya CHAN and demand that she apologize to the public. The government must strictly follow up on this issue according to the law to exemplify equality before the law and alert the society to remain vigilant concerning measures of virus prevention.


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