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Our response to the cost overrun for the Shatin-Central Link

Updated: Jun 17, 2020



In the government document submitted to LegCo today, the latest cost of the Shatin Central Link (SCL) has been revised to HK$82.99 billion, which is an increase of HK$12.17 billion from the original estimation of HK$70.82 billion.  The government has to apply for an additional funding of HK$10.06 billion in cost overruns.

DAB Legislative Councillor Ben Chan responded: “the DAB and the general public do not wish to see the SCL lay unfinished due to lack of funds, especially after the commission of the phase 1 of the Tuan Ma Line this month which provides greater convenience for commuters.”

Ben Chan mentioned that even though the cost is HK$5.7 billion less than the estimated HK$16.5 billion in 2017, the government still needs to pay an additional cost of HK$10.06 billion which is a huge amount.  The LegCo should hold a careful examination and discussion on this funding.  Meanwhile, the insufficient oversight of the MTRC has resulted in the problems in construction quality and thus the delay of the opening of the SCL and the public has to suffer the consequences.  The government should reexamine, cut down on and explain the details of this additional funding.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Ben Chan 9274 7035


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