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Nixie Lam: Hong Kong youth will never bow to foreign hegemony

The 48th UN Human Rights Council Side Meeting in Geneva discusses

the situation in Hong Kong


On September 23, 2021, during the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the People's Republic of China Ambassador to the United Nations Office at Geneva hosted a video conference side event about "The Situation in Hong Kong". A group of representatives in Hong Kong shared at the meeting, including the Secretary for Security Mr. Chris Tang, Legislator Ms.Priscilla Leung and member of the All-China Youth Federation Ms Nixie Lam etc. Participants actively spoke for Hong Kong clarifing the fallacies of foreign countries in the Hong Kong ElectionCommittee.

Lam pointed out that under the new election system, the broad representation has been

greatly improved. In addition to the increase in membership from 1,200 to 1,500, the sector covers a wider range. They are divided according to their social functions and their historical roles and connections in the city. And stressed that if anyone has no doubts about the electoral college system in the United States, then they have no right to question the electoral committee system in Hong Kong.

Lam also directly denounced the lack of sincere cooperation and the lack of sincere cooperation in the political leadership of various countries during the response to oronavirus

which has led to the worsening the global anti-epidemic situation. She urged politicians and leaders of various countries to stop creating conflicts and start leading their own countries to face the challenges posed by the epidemic, instead of continuing to fight for the hegemony of the so-called Big Brother confrontational mentality.

Western cyber hegemony made me tragically silenced Lam pointed out that the words and deeds of Western countries are different. Foreign politicians told Hong Kong youth that Hong Kong is no longer suitable for living. But at the same time, foreign chamber of commerce spent more than 11 million US dollars to set up a permanent office in Hong Kong, which is extremely irony. At the same time, her interviews with western media including vidoes, audio and online links have disappeared bizarrely in recent days, questioning whether the so-called Western democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights are limited to the unique rights of the West. Finally, Lam emphasized that as a young representative in Hong Kong, China, she will never give in because of this. She will continue to speak up internationally, in the society, and on the Internet, and fulfill her mission to protect Hong Kong with her own city.


News contact: Miss Nixie Lam Tel: (852) 6344 0879


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