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Nixie Lam arranged vaccinations for female Muslims with the assistance of an all-female team

March 12, 2022

Notwithstanding that the vaccination rate in Hong Kong is as high as 90%, the rate amongst ethnic minorities is relatively low. Nixie Lam, DAB Legislative Council Member for Election Committee constituency, learned earlier that female Muslims gave up getting vaccinations due to religious restriction on rolling up their sleeves in public place. After getting the assistance of the Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip Tak-kuen on deploying a team of all-female staff members to assist, Nixie Lam, with the assistance of Youth Development Commission member and vice principal Rizwan Ullah, met with Chief Imam Muhammad Arshad and Religious Election Committee member Mohammad Ilyas. They agreed on the importance of vaccination and raising the vaccination rate and decided to open the Kowloon Mosque as a venue for receiving the BioNTech vaccination on March 19.

Nixie Lam explained that female Muslims going to the Kowloon Mosque to receive vaccinations will gather in the right wing of the mosque, where all-female nurses, doctors and staff members will be responsible for administering vaccinations. The other wing of the mosque would be opened for the public to receive vaccinations. People who want to make an appointment for BioNTech vaccine at the Kowloon Mosque on March 19 can send personal information, including the English name on your ID card, mobile phone number, gender, and number of people via WhatsApp (6076 7770) to the Kowloon Mosque .


Nixie Lam 6344 0879 (Legislative Council Member (Election Committee)


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