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Immediately and effectively provide supports to practitioners in the performing arts sector



DAB Legislative Councillors LEUNG Che-Cheung and Holden CHOW along with representatives from the performing arts sector met with the Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Dr. Bernard CHAN on May 7th to discuss the supports of anti-epidemic fund.

The performing arts representatives pointed out that many practitioners both on-stage and behind the scenes have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Freelancers in particular are facing financial difficulties as well as unemployment. Dr. Bernard CHAN explained relief measures are being put into place including spending $10 million to incubate scripts, $20 million for training and $90 million to support filming movies.

LEUNG Che-Cheung and Holden CHOW urge the government to quickly announce the details of such relief measures and give advices on the provision of subsidies as the practitioners in performing arts sectors have not established a satisfactory registration system. They propose the government should ensure that the financial subsidies truly benefit those grassroots people in the performing arts sector by methods such as allowing those who can provide performance record to apply for subsidies.


Media Inquiries:

DAB Legislative Councilor LEUNG Che-cheung (9016 8088)、Holden Chow(3703 9870)

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