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FHB should take actions to address public’s concerns on vaccination


It is unclear whether there was a direct causal association between COVID-19 vaccination and the serious adverse effects and even unfortunate death cases, but this has already aroused concerns among those who are going to be vaccinated.

So far the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) has only reminded people to consult their family doctors first if they feel worried. DAB Legislative Councillor and Spokesperson for Health Services Ms. Ann CHIANG said that many local residents do not have a family doctor. She proposes the FHB to set up a dedicated vaccine hotline staffed by professional medical staff or cooperate with the media to have doctors and medical professionals attend TV programmes or live broadcast on social media on a daily basis, in order to help the public better understand whether to get vaccinated or not. RTHK as a public service broadcaster also has the responsibility and advantages to conduct live broadcast via its TV and radio channels. In addition, medical staff should be stationed at community vaccination centres to assess the physical condition of vaccine recipients to reduce the risk.​


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