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“District Councils Observers” is set up to protect the rights of local residents

January 2rd, 2020


In the 2019 District Council Election, the Establishment camp received 1.2 million votes, which is an increase over the last such election. Although most councillors from the Establishment camp were not elected, we will never forget the trust that voters placed in us. With the new term for the District Councils beginning on January 1st, the DAB initiated the creation of the “District Councils Observers” (“DCO”) mechanism in all 18 districts of the HKSAR starting in Central and Western District. We welcome all figures from the Establishment camp to join the initiative.

The DCO will act like a “shadow council” by monitoring the operations of the 18 District Councils closely. It will regularly hold meetings with residents and broadcast District Council news through different media platforms to promote and encourage public participation in council affairs.  We will collect, organise, and reflect views from participants to the District Councils and the government. In practice, the DCO strives to perform the following functions:

  • Monitor the District Councils to see whether they fulfilled their duties according to the law (including the Basic Law and the District Councils Ordinance).

  • Monitor District Councillors to see whether they performed their duties faithfully, so as to live up to the expectations of voters.

  • Monitor District Councillors for any possible dereliction of duty.

  • Monitor District Councillors for any possible misuse of public funds.Monitor District Councillors for any possible abuse of power or failure to follow proper procedures.

  • Promote the participation of local residents in District Council affairs and allow the general public to better understand the operations of District Councillors.

  • Proactively reflect views of local residents on community facilities that are managed by various government departments.

Councillors from the Establishment Camp have extensive experience in serving communities and running the Councils. We firmly believe that they will uphold their original ideals and continue to preserve the rights and interests of the public and contribute to community development through constructive actions.

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