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DAB advocated "Parent-Child Electronic Vaccination Record " for parents

8 September, 2022

The applicable age of the Vaccine Pass would be lowered to five years old at the end of the month. A new function would be added to the LeaveHomeSafe mobile App later that allows parents to save their children’s Vaccine Pass with their own concurrently. DAB Health Services Spokesperson and LegCo Member Edward Leung welcomed the government’s acceptance of his concept of "Parent-Child Electronic Vaccination Record " which is convenient for parent to use when entering designated premises.

With respect to doubts of some parents about whether to vaccinate their children, Edward Leung urged the government to provide pre-vaccination health assessments and professional medical advice under a public-private partnership model for parents to assuage their doubts.

Media enquiry:

DAB Health Services Spokesperson, LegCo member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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