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Crack down on “unscrupulous merchants” and help the public fight the COVID-19

January 29th, 2020


The DAB has received many complaints about the profiteering of unscrupulous merchants who hike the prices of masks and disinfectant products while some of them even try to hoard supplies.  Residents are unable to purchase necessary protective products for reasonable prices and deeply concerned about whether the masks they bought are in poor quality or even secondhand.

In order to protect consumer rights, the DAB urges the Consumer Council (CC) to quickly announce the “List of Unscrupulous Merchants”, set up a hotline and website and work together with the public to ensure that the market for protective products is run legally and smoothly.  At the same time, the CC should regularly publicize the prices of masks and other protective products in each district for reference.

We urge the government to quickly procure masks and other protective products worldwide for integrated allocation, and sell them to the public through designated retails at suggested prices set by the CC or the government.  Stocks of masks that are not urgently needed could be handed out to residents through the Home Affairs Department.  The government should announce regularly the supply quantities of masks in the market to curb speculation of masks.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor Vincent Cheng (6373 1979)​


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