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Confusion of information dissemination caused adverse impacts on epidemic prevention

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Feb 26, 2022

The Government announced at 10:30pm last night via a press release that 19 mobile specimen collection stations will cease operation today. As a result, the public was unable to grasp the new policy and went to the collection stations which ceased operation. DAB Legislative Council member (New Territories North) Lau Kwok Fan reprimanded the government for not using a more open and clear way, such as in a press conference, to explain substantial changes to the existing policy to the public. He requested that the government should announce in advance any anti-epidemic information and policies and explain sufficiently so that the public can understand.

Lau Kwok Fan also stated that while the government recognized the results of the rapid antigen test, it should not completely overturn the original practice. If compulsory testing is an attempt to find hidden cases, then it should not be completely stopped. The elderly may not be able to carry out the rapid antigen tests by themselves and may not know how to do submit positive test results through online registration.

Lau Kwok Fan suggested the government should step up publicity and increase mobile specimen collection stations in the New Territories North for citizens in need.

Media contact:

Legislative Council member (NT North) Lau Kwok Fan 9782 7408


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