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The DAB released the survey results on aspirations of women for childbearing

June 1, 2023

Both DAB Family Affairs Committee and Women Affairs Committees jointly interviewed 471 women over the age of 18 to better grasp the aspirations of women for childbearing. The survey results revealed that a quarter of the interviewees said they would not have or were unsure if they would have children. The main reasons for that were in priority economic burden, responsibility for childcare, enjoyment of a carefree life, burden related to education, housing, and physical condition.

We urged the government to provide more policies and incentives to encourage childbirth, in order to raise the birth rate and alleviate the aging of the population. Recommendations included setting up a Baby Fund, providing allowances for newborn babies, providing children’s healthcare vouchers, increasing subsidized assisted reproductive services (egg banks), providing subsidized full pay maternity and paternity leave, providing leave for parents, increasing the provision of nursery service, encouraging companies to implement family-friendly policies, and allowing breastfeeding women to work flexible hours.

Press enquiries:

Frankie Ngan, Chairman of DAB Family Affairs Committee (6600 2511)

Elizabeth Quat, Chairman of DAB Women Affairs Committee (9031 7995)


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