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Response to the Report of the 2nd Phase Review on Residential Child Care Services

April 18, 2023

The Social Welfare Department released the report of the second phase review, providing 39 recommendations to improve residential child care services and foster care services. Suggestions were made to enhance service quality, strengthen monitoring, improve service planning and increase supply.

DAB LegCo member and spokesman on welfare affairs Stanley Li Sai Wing, believed that some of the recommendations were based on those in the first phase review unveiled last year. These include improving institutional governance and internal review mechanisms. He hoped that strengthening oversight and initiating deep reforms would drive improvements in residential child care services, enabling entrusted children to receive proper care.

Regarding the review report, Li Sai Wing had the following views:

  1. Pay attention to resource implications of additional manpower

  2. Plan for future service supply and increase service quotas for various residential child care services

  3. Closely monitor the growth of children in care and conduct case follow-ups

  4. Undertake more positive publicity on foster care services

Media Enquiry:

DAB LegCo member Stanley Li (9797 7393)


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