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Response to HK Electric's Explanation of Power Outage

April 20, 2023

Regarding the major power outage that occurred in Hong Kong Island yesterday (April 19)morning, Legislator Edward Leung Hei of the DAB believes Hong Kong Electric's response was very slow and evasive. After the incident, HK Electric first attributed it to a sudden drop in voltage, and later changed it to equipment malfunction, before finally rectifying it tonight as an erroneous connection. In fact, it was simply a human error. Edward Leung is disappointed that HK Electric only disclosed the truth after the public exerted repeated pressure.

HK Electric must urgently conduct an in-depth investigation of the incident, including whether it involved a serious human error or systematic problem, and must fix any loopholes in the maintenance procedures to deter the reoccurrence of similar incidents.

Edward Leung has written to the Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs requesting it arrange early discussion of the relevant matters, so that HK Electric can make a more detailed account to LegCo and the public.

Media enquiries:

LegCo Member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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