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DAB announced Consumer Confidence Index poll results

January 26, 2023

DAB conducted regular polls on Hong Kong citizens’ consumer confidence by reference to the methodology of University of Michigan since October 2004. Today (January 26) we announced results of the thirty-ninth poll which was conducted to capture fluctuations in the consumer confidence.

The poll was conducted in mid to end of December, when the government had relaxed quarantine and social distancing measures but the number of infection cases had risen to 20,000. The poll results showed that the respondents had a less conservative outlook on the economy, regardless of whether it was short or long term.

LegCo member Holden Chow stated that the falling of the current economic conditions index indicated that the people’s economic situation was still less than optimistic. He urged the government to distribute 5,000 dollars consumption voucher to Hong Kong residents in the coming budget, so as to relieve financial pressure of the residents and to boost the economy for SMEs in retail and catering.

Media enquiries:

LegCo Member and Economic Development Spokesperson Holden Chow (3703 9870)

LegCo Member and Housing Spokesperson Chan Hok-fung (6099 3800)


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