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90% of respondents agreed the Compulsory Universal Testing should be carried out on district basis

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Mar 1, 2022

The government announced that the Compulsory Universal Testing (CUT) will be conducted in March, but the specific details are yet to be announced. In order to collect people’s views on Compulsory Universal Testing, the DAB Legislative Council member (New Territories North) Lau Kwok Fan conducted an online survey and received more than 13,000 responses within two days.

Summary of the survey

  • 90% agreed that the CUT should be carried out by district, while 10% agreed it should be conducted in the order of ID card number.

  • 90.5% believed that the CUT should be implemented with a lockdown and home confinement; 3.6% disagreed, and 5.9% had no opinion.

  • 70.8% believed that the whole city should be locked down and confined; 26.3% believed that the 18 districts should be confined in turn; 2.9% said that there should not be any city lockdown or home confinement.

  • In terms of the number of days of home confinement, 21.9% indicated that 1 to 5 days were acceptable; 35.5% accepted 6 to 10 days; 27.3% accepted 11 to 15 days; 15.4% accepted 16 days or more. More than half of the citizens could accept a 6 to 14 days home confinement, reflecting a change in the public's mentality.

  • In terms of supply of materials during the home confinement, 52.8% said that the government should be responsible; 47.2% said that the government could announce the date of confinement in advance and allow citizens to prepare.


  • The government should be open and transparent in the dissemination of information. After determining the direction of CUT, the government should explain it clearly as soon as possible and allow the public sufficient time to prepare for it.

  • The government should have a comprehensive plan to deal with all scenarios, prepare sufficient ancillary measures to deal with confusion or disputes during the lockdown; maintain a stable supply of materials, and if necessary, to supply confined citizens with necessary supplies to prevent them from scrambling, or to avoid causing panic.

  • The Government should provide special care arrangements, such as door-to-door testing for citizens who are not physically capable of going out.

  • The Government should set up various commanding departments to coordinate various special tasks such as logistics, cleanliness, order, and other assistance to avoid a recurring problem of coordination failure during the CUT period.

Media contact:

Legislative Council member (NT North) Lau Kwok Fan 9782 7408


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