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We participated in District Council elections for the first time in 1994.  The number of DAB district councilors rose sharply from 8 to 37.  We notched up another great achievement in 1999 when the number rose to 83, reflecting the level of public recognition of DAB and its ever-growing popularity.  Our candidates have been able to leverage on this advantageous aspect.  Despite the adverse effects facing DAB in the aftermath of the July 1 demonstration of 2003, DAB overcame the adversity with its can-do spirit and retained 62 seats in the elections.   


In 2019, District Council Election was held as black terror and violence raged, severely affecting our electioneering and campaigning work.  Yet, 490,000 voters still voted for us and made a clear stance in opposing violence and in support of the return of stability and normality to society.  The DAB is deeply grateful to our supporters for their support and the faith they have in us.  We will continue to strive to improve the quality of life for local residents at the district level, push for better governance so as to to return peace to Hong Kong.  We will not let our supporters — the 490 thousand who voted for us — down.


Regional Council Election in 1994


Petition to EAC condemning black terror and violence (2019) 

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