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DAB responded to the implementation of latest quarantine arrangement and Red and Amber codes

August 8, 2022

The Government announced the shortened quarantine arrangement under the "3+4" model, i.e. inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan will be subject to compulsory quarantine in designated quarantine hotels for three days, followed by medical surveillance at home or in other self-arranged accommodation for four days. The Government at the same time will also implement the red-amber code restrictions under the Vaccine Pass, confirmed cases will be subject to red code restrictions, and inbound persons will be subject to amber code restrictions. Inbound persons will receive the blue code after completion of the "3+4" quarantine.

DAB Spokesperson for Health Services and LegCo member Edward Leung welcomed the new measures which he believed were important steps on the path to normalcy and would be a good balance between anti-epidemic efforts and restoration of daily operation in the society.

Holden Chow, chairperson of the DAB Business & Professional Affairs Committee, also welcomed the "3+4" quarantine arrangement. He hoped the Government would continue to pay attention to the situation, and further shorten period of compulsory quarantine in the hotels and allow Hong Kong residents to carry out quarantine at home where conditions are permissible.

Media contacts:

DAB LegCo member, Spokesperson for Health Services Edward Leung (9665 0660)

DAB LegCo member, Chairman of the DAB Business & Professional Affairs Committee Holden Chow (3703 9870)


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