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Millennium Declaration

January 1, 2000


Today, on 1 January 2000, the whole world is celebrating the arrival of a new millennium. On this special day, we have gathered to give our best wishes to the development of Hong Kong and our motherland in the new century.

The policy of “One Country, Two Systems” in the Hong Kong SAR has stood the test of the last two and a half years. This has shown to us the sincerity and determination of the Central Government to implement the policy, although it has also raised many challenging issues which can only be resolved through practice.

The political system of Hong Kong must develop in the direction set down by the Basic Law. DAB will participate actively in this development. It will be dedicated to building a democratic and highly efficient government and to the success of the program of “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” and a high degree of autonomy. We expect all elements of Hong Kong society to express fully their views on the way and the pace of development of Hong Kong’s political system, and to determine the time and procedures for reaching our ultimate goal based on rational, in-depth discussions and our practical experience.

After the fin-de-siecle financial crisis, Hong Kong’s economy, having gone through its adjustments and consolidations, will start building new strengths on a firmer foundation, ride with the times and climb to another peak. In the past, Hong Kong people created sustained economic miracles, thanks to their high work ethic, sensitive market responses and harmonious labour-management relations. We hope that Hong Kong people will continue to give full play to these factors. DAB will join all of you in creating prosperity, wealth and a better environment for Hong Kong.

The management of the SAR and the building of Hong Kong require excellent talent. Hong Kong needs a great number of fully updated and broad-minded talented people in the technological, management and political fields in its various pursuits. In addition to its ongoing concern over education, DAB will strengthen the training of its own members and thereby contribute its share to the training of political talent in the SAR.

Parallel with the creation of prosperity and wealth, the overall living quality of society as a whole should also be improved — above all a reasonable standard of care for the underprivileged. Only when a broad spectrum of society can enjoy the fruits of prosperity, with people living and working peacefully, can society as a whole be stable, and further conditions be laid for continuous creation of wealth. A reasonable public policy will reward the hardworking and the motivated, provide relief for the weak and the young, and create equal opportunities for everybody to improve their family lives with their own effort. DAB will continue to listen to citizens’ appeals, closely monitor the performance of the SAR Government and urge it to formulate and carry out policies and measures in the best interests of Hong Kong people.

DAB is a political force which plays a stabilising role in Hong Kong. It is a political group committed to Hong Kong and dedicated to the mission of building Hong Kong. We firmly believe that Hong Kong is full of opportunity in the new era. Together with all Hong Kong citizens, we will work to seize these opportunities, create new achievements, and develop the Hong Kong SAR into a more democratic, fairer, more prosperous and stable society.

Jan 1, 2000

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