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30th Anniversary Commemoration

January 1, 2022


The DAB was founded in 1992 with just 56 members at the time. We may hail from different classes and sectors, but we all embrace the idea of "love the country and Hong Kong". We proposed "ensuring a smooth transition, building a prosperous economy and constructing a secure and harmonious home for all". We are firmly rooted in the community, committed to serving the citizens, and toiled for people's livelihood to ensure the smooth handover of Hong Kong. As the DAB's work became increasingly recognised by the citizens, it gained a strong foothold in the elections and continued to grow.


After the handover, the DAB actively participated in implementing One Country, Two Systems. We continued to expand our network in serving the people and developed in a way that transcended class boundaries. We are determined to participate in electoral politics, maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, and improve the SAR government's governance. The DAB went from strength to strength and eventually became the largest political party in the Legislative Council. It boasts more than 40,000 members.


Twenty-five years after the handover, the implementation of one country, two systems achieved significant results but also encountered many challenges. The DAB also experienced its fair share of ups and downs during its development. In 2003, the DAB faced setbacks in the election. In 2019, the DAB's development was severely affected by the disturbances arising from the opposition to the proposed legislative amendments and subsequent violent riots. However, we did not back down in the face of severe challenges, including violent attacks. We remained steadfast and adhered to our initial commitment to serve, bounced back immediately after falling, and moved forward steadily.


Following the implementation of the National Security Law and the improvement of the electoral system, Hong Kong is entering a new era as the DAB prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Summing up our first 30 years and welcoming a new era, the DAB will stay true to its four core beliefs and continue to work hard for the long-term interests of Hong Kong and the rejuvenation of the nation.

——We are staunch patriots. Hong Kong's destiny is entwined with the nation's, and we must rise and fall together. The people of Hong Kong will have happiness and dignity only when our nation is strong and prosperous. We must contribute to the country's prosperity, safeguard national sovereignty interests, and oppose western hegemony from thwarting the development of our country.


——We are the defenders of one country, two systems. "One country" is the prerequisite of "two systems"; destroying "one country" will inevitably harm "two systems" and lead Hong Kong down a disastrous path. We will firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security and oppose any notions of Hong Kong independence and separatism. We insist on fully and accurately implementing one country, two systems based on the Constitution and the Basic Law. We support establishing a robust political structure to safeguard national security and social stability, and prevent interference from foreign powers to ensure the steadfast and successful implementation of one country, two systems.


——We are implementers of good governance. Hong Kong has suffered from continuous internal attrition over the years. The government's ineffective governance has led to stagnant development and the rise of various social problems. We believe that only by focusing on solving problems and building good governance can we promote the development of the economy, people's livelihood, and democracy. The DAB places great importance on keeping abreast of community aspirations, conducting policy research and being committed to proposing practical and feasible policy initiatives. We insist on being rational and pragmatic while overseeing and assisting the government to improve its governance. We actively participate in elections and place great importance on recruiting and training political talents, hence helping raise the overall level of governance.


——We are promoters of social change. We urge the government to adjust its thinking, optimise its administrative structure, ensure that governance is people-oriented, proactive, and effective in solving long-standing problems, make society more fair and just, and bring hope to everyone. We advocate solving the problem of land and housing and helping citizens realise their dream of having a secure and harmonious home. We support the reallocation of social resources to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. We make every effort to promote economic diversification, technological innovation, and integration into the nation's strategic development, creating more opportunities for citizens.

The DAB believes that in the new era, one country, two systems will enjoy more room for development, which means Hong Kong has even brighter prospects. The DAB will adhere to its four core beliefs: uniting the people; building Hong Kong; contributing to the country, and living up to the challenges of our times.

January 1, 2022

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