Wilson Or Responds to URA Managing Director’s March 18th Blog


April 22, 2018 — Kwun Tong Town Centre Project (K7) is Hong Kong’s largest redevelopment project, and is the concern of all Kwun Tong residents! The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) announced this redevelopment on March 30, 2007 and divided the project into five Development Areas. And all eyes are on how the URA plans to address historical issues 50 years in the making for Development Area 5!

It’s technically a “Good Start” now that this platform for dialogue has been established after years of the static noise of no communication and no community engagement. The URA has shown sincerity in resolving issues that have been 50 years in the making, with URA Managing Director Wai Chi-Sing pledging that he would, after having gone through the collected data and analyses, meet with tenants again to further discuss relocation arrangements.

Wilson Or urges the URA to maintain its follow-up efforts, continue its tenor of holding frank and sincere dialogues, draw up plans for resolution as soon as possible and strengthen interaction. We hope that Mr. Wai would continue to keep an open mind, continue to hold discussions with us and regularly visit business operators. It is also the hope of the residents of Kwun Tong resolve these historical issues together.

Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor and URA Kwun Tong District Advisory Committee Member Wilson Or (9266 1035)