Wilson Or responds to the number of public housing applicants passing the 280,000 mark



The response of the member of Housing Authority, Wilson Or : Even though the average time spent on the waitlist is slightly shorter, we are still far away from reducing the waiting time for public housing to three years or less. According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Housing Authority in 2016-17, 26,000 housing units were made available to applicants on the waitlist, but in 2017-18 only 18,000 units were made available. Also, the Long Term Housing Strategy faces a shortfall of 40,000 public housing units in its 10-year plan and it will be difficult to shorten the waiting time in mid-term. The only method to shorten the waitlist is the government to provide more public housing supply. This should include using private zoning land for public housing in short term and increase the supply of land in the mid-term.


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