Wilson Or responds to the new arrangements for parking lots by the Housing Authority



Hong Kong has a long term lack of parking spaces. HA member Wilson Or responds that after creating enough parking lots to meet the needs of public housing estates, there remains an oversupply of parking spots. Therefore changing some monthly parking spaces to hourly parking spaces and renting them to non-residents or allowing excess parking spaces to be used by the public is a reasonable decision.

However, The Housing Department (HD) must closely pay attention on the usage of the parking spots. It must remove the restrictions and regulations of parking spaces in the “Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines” and review the current parking spaces and plan as soon as possible. In terms of the situation in each district, the HD should advise the HA on creating parking spaces to fit the needs of the district in various development projects. Factors such as the supply and demand of parking spaces and whether there are public transport vehicles or other traffic at nearby roads should be taken into account when doing so.


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