Wilson Or responds to the HA providing welfare facilities in Public Housing Estates



HA member Wilson Or says that many new Public Housing Estates lack welfare and community support. The HA will look at unused non-residential units within new Public Housing Estates and rent them out at subsidized rates to NGOs to create temporary workplaces to serve Estate residents. These NGOs and facilities can help newly arrived families to quickly settle into their new surroundings and encourage needy families to seek help. Therefore, Wilson Or supports the plan.

Wilson Or proposes to shorten the time required for NGOs to register and rent these spaces. Apart from the Social Welfare Department, the HA must take proactive action to search for NGOs to participate in this scheme in order for local residents to enjoy multifaceted and full-fledged services.

Also, the government should think of how to balance the different needs and requirements of local residents. Other than building welfare facilities, it must provide residents with various educational, retail and transport facilities to provide needed services to residents of Public Housing Estates.


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