Wilson Or reacts to the site selection for the newest Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme


Currently the supply of public housing is tight. The average waiting time for general Waiting List applicants has been lengthened to 4.7 years. Under these circumstances, the Housing Authority (HA) continues to designate public housing in Fo Tan as “Public Rental Housing” and turned the site at Tonkin Street in Cheung Sha Wan into Green Form Subsidised HOS. This can reduce the scale of the scheme which is a reasonable and sensible decision. In order to continue the Green Form Subsidised HOS program and increase its attractiveness while improving the turnover and environment of public housing, I hope that the HA will set HOS prices to be lower than the market price. I proactively ask the government to change a portion of land designated for private flats into land for subsidized housing and therefore increase the amount of land available for housing as a whole.

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