Welcome Chairman Xi Jinping to Hong Kong: celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong


Since the Handover, the Central Government has always strongly supported the development of Hong Kong and helped us to overcome our difficulties. Hong Kong’s achievements in livelihood and economic development as well as our status as a cosmopolitan world city and financial centre were further entrenched and stabilized under the tutelage of the Central Government. In coming to Hong Kong to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Handover, Chairman Xi Jinping is visiting our city once more and this shows the concern and support for Hong Kong that is shown by Chairman Xi and the Central Government. We feel deeply encouraged by this and we thank Chairman Xi from the depth of our hearts.

Chairman Xi had three reasons for coming to Hong Kong. This included expressing his good wishes for Hong Kong, to show the support to Hong Kong from the Central Government, and to lay a path for the future. He hopes that the people of Hong Kong could “combine their experiences, develop hope for the future and ensure the long term stability of ‘One Country, Two Systems’”. The DAB believes that the implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” has taken huge strides in the 20 years since the Handover and has contributed to the continued stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. This proves that not only was its implementation achievable, it is the system best placed to be the most beneficial for Hong Kong, whether in the past, present, or future. Chairman Xi mentioned (and the DAB agrees) that under the full-fledged support of the Central Government, the new HKSAR government should communicate with the different sectors of society and cooperate to “lay a path for the future”. The DAB will continue to work together with the people of Hong Kong to support “One Country, Two Systems” and preserve the unity of our Nation. We will work to preserve the stability of society, to develop the economy and to improve the people’s livelihood and welfare, therefore making “One Country, Two Systems” shine brightly on the world stage.

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