We strongly condemn that all those who Colluding with “Taiwanese independence advocates”



In regards to Nathan Law Kwun-chung, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and others appearing at an event announcing the creation of a so-called “Taiwan congressional Hong Kong congress”, one that combined the forces of so-called “Hong Kong independence” and so-called “Taiwanese independence”, this action is clear interference in Hong Kong internal affairs by “Taiwanese independence” forces. We strongly condemn this treacherous action.

In regards to this “congress” “telling Hong Kong our experiences in the ‘democratic’ movement”, and “making a statement on major political developments in Hong Kong”, holding public forums and legislating laws to “provide political assistance” to people in Hong Kong, we feel that such actions not only spread the message of so-called “Taiwan independence”, this is fusing the two “independence” groups into an unholy alliance. To support “Hong Kong independence” within Hong Kong is to split the country and destroy the fabric of “One Country, Two Systems”. We are extremely indignant at such an action and we express our firm opposition to such ridiculous antics.

We strongly urge that all those who are doing such actions in the name of “Hong Kong independence” to hold their horses and stop. They must emphasize the reality that Hong Kong is an indivisible part of the People’s Republic of China. Any participation in groups that support “Taiwanese independence” will not only be counterproductive to democratic development in Hong Kong, it will also severely harm “One Country, Two Systems” and adversely affect the relationship between the Central Government and the HKSAR. We strongly urge the mainstream pan-democrats to draw a clear line between themselves and those who advocate the spurious independence “movements” of either Taiwan or Hong Kong. Pan-democrats must both condemn and resist everything that promotes “Hong Kong independence” or “Taiwan independence”, and any action from outside forces that will interfere in the system and affairs of Hong Kong.